Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I wish Big Brother were actually watching me then...

Big Brother is watching...

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick/FreeDigitalPhotos.net
That does sound very creepy. However, there were two instances where I wish Big Brother were actually watching. And if he were for those two instances, I would have to say it's wellworth the cost. Safety is more important to me than Big Brother having Big Brother watching...

The Two Instances:
1.  In high school. I was 16, scooping ice-cream as a part-time. One night, around 9 PM, this one man suddenly took out his gun, pointed at me and told me to hand over the money. I acted calmly, stating I would give him the money. As soon as I did, he told me to give him some time to get away or else his gangs would come back. Sure, so I gave him some time. Then called 911 --> the manager --> then my Mom (for comfort, of course). I was pale and scared, it was a shock to me. Reimaging that gun pointing at me, I'm still scared today. I still remember the face of the robber too. I wish Big Brother were watching.

2.  EVEN WORSE. A decade later, I was a PhD student in Biochemistry at a BigName Public University. The "mentor"/supervisor/PI (Principal Investigator) lured me into that Closed Door for the first time ever to me in my two years there, and I heard what was the most prejudice remarks I ever heard. It was the first time I felt discriminated against for anything. It was a harrassment, false accusations, abuse of faculty's power, discrimatory, etc. I probably felt the same way a Jew would felt during a one hour long conversation with Hitler. It was a direct violation of the federal and state laws and that BigName University's policies. I was threaten to disappear quietly from the university. I wish BigBrother were watching. If he were, I wouldn't have to go through that hate speech. I can still remember that specific 1-hour long "conversation"/dispute/accusations. If BigBrother had helped prevented this Hitler from harassing me, it would've been good enough.

Having Big Brother watching isn't always that bad. That is my one view on the code name PRISM.

As for Edward Snowden, it seems to me as if he has nothing to gain by making those leaks. Although Americans express mixed views, I think he acted out of what he personally believed to be right. He does have integrity. That's brave sacrificing what he had for a cause. That's just my viewpoint.