Monday, July 8, 2013

Why I Started Blogging & Why the Sudden Interest in Civil Rights & Justice...

Why I Started Blogging & Why the Sudden Interest in Civil Rights & Justice...

One thought...
I'm sick and tired of corruption. And I feel the need to expose them all. I'm not talking about anything top secret here. It's more about the plight of poor students being harassed by the bureaucracy at BigName University. Perhaps, I will soon.

Stuart Miles/
I want to make a difference. For nights, I've been crying alone. The fear. What will happen to my future? how can someone just suddenly choose to screw over my future for something that is not even worth much? -- not getting a grant of at most $90,000/year can lead one to act like his dead father never taught him ethics.   Sequestration led the idiot to willingly violate federal and state laws along with many other policies. (I was wrongfully terminated after harassed by a lab mentor/supervisor and I have been clinically depressed since.)

Soon. It will all come out. I promise. And in the future, all those who face similar situations--I will guide them.

I will fight for justice. There is no waiting for karma and all that stuff. Someone purposely harmed me, I must use what I can, as long as I abide by the law of course, to fight and do what I can.

Brian Banks' situation. Wrongfully accused by some scum and its greedy mother. Lost his full football scholarship. Spent 5 years in prison. All those stuff, now he's still following his dreams. Bring justice into his own hands. And he's a hero. Amazing story. Brian Banks truly has inspired me.